Barbara Stant – Baby I Love You

“Baby I Love You” is a record that never fails at Funky Sole. Barbara Stant, originally from Norfolk Virgina, had a total of 6 releases on Ship Town, most of which I have never seen, and this one seems to come up less and less. This particular 45 falls into the $100-200 category and worth every penny in my opinion. If you see it grab because in 5 years I bet this will be a $400 record. Take a listen.

barbara stant


Welcome to the Funky Sole Blog

This blog is an out growth of the Funky Sole weekly party dedicated to promoting and uncovering rare or new soulful funky music and all that goes along with the life style of vinyl obsession. Look out for regular updates on recent record finds and new music releases we think you will enjoy. There will also be random posts on non music related topics for those who’s good taste goes beyond music.

Lets get this started with a great video of Syl Johnson preforming at Funky Sole a few weeks back. We were truly blessed to have such an incredible soul icon on our stage.

-Jesse c